23 January 2012

Lukisan Cahaya Yang Menakjubkan (Gambar)(20)

Bugatti Veyron by Mark Brown

No One Will Believe You by Dennis Calvert


Torchlight Parade

Lisa by Wes Whaley

Fireboy by David Schlaich

Light Painting Bike by Sssampo

Antiparticle by tcb

Skateboarder by Andy Hemingway

Kundalini Bonfire by Dennis Calvert

Batman On Fire by Mina Mikhael

Electric Guitar by Sean Rogers

Pole Dancing by Marko De la Light

Still Got the Blues by Janne Parviainen

LP Nitrogen by Alfredo Álvarez

Shiney Lightmas

Ringed Rocks by Toby Keller

Fire Tunnel by Toby Keller

Alone in the Dark by Dennis Calvert

Angel Wings By Tom Paton

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